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The Wyboston Lakes complex comprises hotel, spa, golf course, conference facilities and serviced offices.  The site has very high energy use, with much of the energy demand during the daytime.  As part of a drive for higher energy efficiency it was decided to consider installation of a solar PV system.  Intrinsic Power was approached to design and install a PV system that would not only reduce the substantial electrical demands, but be sensitive to the visual appeal of the site.


The first phase of the program focused on the serviced offices.  The tenancy agreement is inclusive of electricity, so it is beneficial to Wyboston Lakes to reduce the cost of the electricity that it provides to the tenants.  In addition, the pattern of energy use and timing of solar generation were well aligned.

Viridian Solar’s sleek roof integrated PV 30 solar panels were chosen for their aesthetic qualities.  


The 44kWp installation began under challenging weather conditions at the start of the winter 2014.  Being a roof integrated system, tiles were removed so that the panels could be fitted to the battens.  Through careful management of the roofing process, the building was kept dry.  The installation was completed, on time and on budget, and without disruption the occupants, an especially important requirement because a police database is housed in the facility.




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Wyboston Lakes

Knowledge Centre


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The  work carried out from the initial site surveys through to final commissioning convinced us we had made the right choice to work with Intrinsic Power.


The installation itself went incredibly smoothly and didn’t cause any disruptions to any of our existing

customers and the whole project was completed on time. We were kept informed throughout the project

with regular update meetings and when the team did face some minor challenges which occurred due to

severe storm conditions, they dealt with the situation swiftly and professionally and provided first class

support throughout.


The result is a fantastic looking roof integrated arrangement which we are incredibly proud of.


Mick Sandell, Facilities Manager

Wyboston Lakes


Project Date

System Size

Number of Panels

Energy Production

CO2 Savings

October 2014

44 kWp

88 Clearline PV30

40,00 kWh/year

25,000 kg/year