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Now you are ready to go solar. What does it involve in practice? Intrinsic Power set out 6 simple steps to guide you through the process:


STEP 1: Who owns your roof?

The first question is: are you a landlord or a tenant? Depending on your situation, our specialist team will provide you with guidance to navigate through the legal issues. In general, you should be able to utilise your rooftop even if you are a tenant.


STEP 2: Is my roof suitable for a solar installation?

Intrinsic Power will assess the suitability of your property for a solar PV installation – this takes into account the roof type, orientation, shading and your energy usage. We will provide you with a preliminary estimation of suitably sized PV installations. If necessary, we can offer a structural survey by an independent 3rd party. Once a suitably sized PV installation has been agreed, we will make a preliminary offer. If you are happy with what you have seen, we will carry out a site survey to confirm the final details.


STEP 3: How would you like to fund the PV installation?

We provide you with all the possible finance options to fund the solar installation – these include cash purchase, financed and a power purchase agreement. We want you to  explore all possibilities and make the best choice for you. See Finance Options for further details.


STEP 4: What will happen before the installation?

An application for grid connection on your behalf will be made as early as possible to avoid any potential pitfalls. We will assign a dedicated project manager to work around your schedule and agree on a build programme.  


STEP 5: What happens during the installation?

Hopefully you won’t even notice that we are working on your roof! A typical installation takes between 2-4 weeks to complete, during which we will make sure that your daily operations have minimal interruption. If necessary, we can provide a Health and Safety briefing to the occupants. We will provide a regular update of the progress throughout the build programme.


STEP 6: What happens after the installation?

Once the PV installation is commissioned, we can help you to apply for the Feed-in Tariff. If required, we can monitor and report the system performance back to you on a regular basis. We will give you a courtesy call six months after the installation just to check that you are happy with your system. You can now begin to reap the benefits of your investment for the next 20 years.



The Installation Process


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