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Your PV installation can be a significant capital investment in business. We will help you to evaluate the available finance options so that you can make an educated decision for your investment.


The finance options can be categorised into three groups:-


1.Cash purchase

Although this option provides the best payback time, you would need to consider the opportunity cost. Our specialist team will work out an estimated return on investment based on your unique situation. You can then decide how to make your money work harder for you.



Working with well-established finance providers, Intrinsic Power are able to offer you easy and attractive financed options. They include 100% finance with no deposit required. The finance can also be offset against tax – this improves the net interest and shortens the payback time. We provide a quick and efficient service for your finance approvals after a credit check. Just ask and you will find that they are more affordable than you think.


3.Power Purchase Agreement

If you want to benefit from a fixed and reduced electricity cost from a PV installation at no cost, then you could consider a Power Purchase Agreement. In this case you will lease the airspace above your roof for 20 years, we will look after the installation, maintenance and insurance of the PV system. Sit back and relax – you can enjoy long-term reductions in electricity cost without any capital investment.  


Finance Options


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