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Brandon Court is a residential complex for the elderly run by Cambridge City Council.  When the building was redeveloped, improving energy efficiency was high on the list of requirements, but so was aesthetics.  Being located in a conservation area in Cambridge, the PV installation had to be approved by the City Planning Department.  


The system was designed to help reduce the landlord’s energy bill, by providing power to light communal areas of the building, and when producing an excess of electricity exporting it.


Significant use of modeling was used to optimise the output of the system.  There are a number of mature trees on the site, and the shadows they cast had to be taken into account when locating the panels.  The neat Viridian Clearline panels look excellent on the new slate roof, and add to the appeal of the building.  


The City Council was delighted with the results, “Cambridge City Council is extremely pleased with the performance of the panels. The visual appearance is excellent and we would highly recommend using Intrinsic Power wherever possible,” said Sam Griggs, Home Energy Officer at Cambridge City Council. “They were always on call during the installation and have been extremely helpful since completion.”



Case Study

Brandon Court


A division of Viridian Solar

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"We would highly recommend using Intrinsic Power wherever possible."


Sam Griggs, Home Energy Officer

Cambridge City Council


Project Date

System Size

Number of Panels

Energy Production

CO2 Savings

February 2012

28.5 kWp


23,500 kWh/year

12,000 kg/year