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As a manufacturer of solar panels, Viridian Solar wanted to demonstrate a commitment to its own products.  In March 2012, the decision was taken to install a solar PV array on the roof of the factory and headquarters near Cambridge.


To optimize the annual solar yield, the panels were installed pitched up from the roof at an angle of 35 degrees, rather than being installed parallel to the roof.  This increases wind loadings so it was important to have confidence that the building would tolerate the forces that would be exerted on its portal frame during high winds.  The forces were calculated by an independent engineer, and the structure was confirmed as suitable for the installation.


The performance of the system is monitored daily.  The actual output exceeds the output predictions by 15% (SAP prediction) and 5% (MCS method).  Two thirds of the electricity produced is used on site, with the remaining 1/3 is exported.  Viridian Solar’s electricity purchase has been cut by 30% - their production of solar panels is powered by solar energy!


Viridian Solar also has ISO 14001 accreditation and this requires that steps to continually improve the company’s environmental performance.  This project has made the single largest contribution to that target, as well as reducing the running costs of the business.





Case Study

Atlas Building


A division of Viridian Solar



Project Date

System Size

Number of Panels

Energy Production

CO2 Savings

February 2012

44.5 kWp


42,000 kWh/year

22,000 kg/year